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I recently discovered Race at your Pace through a friend via facebook. You pay £14 and sign up to running a minimum number of miles throughout the month, anything from 25 up to 200 miles. The idea is that you complete these miles however you choose walk, jog, run, local runs, competitive runs, its entirely up to you, you just have to do the miles that you’ve committed to in order to complete the challenge.

There’s no pressure on pace, just distance, in your own time. A lot of people who enjoy running, like me. Love how it makes you feel, it frees your mind and makes you feel fit and healthy. You’re in danger of losing that passion if you put too much pressure on yourself to complete it in a certain time or split pace. The idea of this challenge is that you JUST RUN.

I signed up to this in January to give me some motivation after the Christmas period, and that it certainly did. I don’t get a lot of time during the week due to a busy schedule so I often find that the only time I can dedicate to running is at the weekends. I’m proud to say that I completed my 50 miles across just 6 runs. So, it did certainly motivate me, I don’t feel that I’d ever have got to that mileage in January without signing up to Race at your Pace.

If you breakdown the daily mileage its very little, so for those people who can run more regularly it should be more achievable. What I liked about it is that you’ve set yourself a goal, and like any goal you try your hardest to achieve it.

When you’ve completed your miles, on the last day of the month you send in your running evidence and in return you receive a medal and running t-shirt. Everyone’s a winner!

I’ve signed up again in February to maintain my motivation for a Half Marathon I’m training for in March. For more information or to sign up visit: www.raceatyourpace.co.uk

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