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As we look back on another mediocre British summer from 2017 we’re all dreaming of that next holiday or break and can’t wait for the Summer months to be upon us again. In September last year I spent a week in Spain and one product I literally could not live without is my Moroccan Oil body oil. It’s lush in every way.

A 100ml bottle of pure bliss…I’m a sucker for a good body oil and love the feeling of applying it on the skin. Everyone has that one thing as part of their beauty routine that makes them feel that extra bit special…it could be a really amazing shower gel, or when you apply a leave in conditioner into the ends of your hair and feel the magic working! Mines a body Oil…

This one is packed with Argan Oil and absorbs into the skin pretty much right away. By the time you’ve washed your hands you can get dressed straight after and there will be no residue left on your skin. Anybody who loves a body oil as much as me has to try this product!

Also, on this trip I used the Moroccan Sun Oil for the first time and I’m in love! Both me and my partner tan well in the sun so we always start on a high factor, and use an oil towards the end of our holiday when our skin is a lot more used to the sun. It’s an SPF15 Sun Oil and I’m so pleased with the results of my tan and didn’t burn at all…winner!

Moroccan Oil Body is a gorgeous line of body scrubs, lotions and oils with a signature Mediterranean fragrance.

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